Honeywell EasySet EDC200 for heating and cooling

The new EasySet Temperature Controllers (EDC200) are a family of panel mounted temperature controllers designed to deliver a high reliability in measurement and controlling your application.



The development of the EDC200 puts the focus on the quick and easy configuration. As a result the Accutune autotuning algorithms for identification of ideal PID tuning constants for the application, can be configured at the touch of a button.
The EasySet EDC200 is the perfect temperature controller for applications like environmental chambers, dryers, furnaces and packaging machines.

Advantages of the Honeywell temperature controller in overview

  • Precise control with Honeywell process industry proven control algorithms
  • Accutune for automated one-step process tuning – provides ideal PID tuning constants for the given process application at its operating set point
  • Ease of configuration and use
  • Bright and vivid display
  • ON/OFF, PID and Three Position Step motor control

What are the prices for Honeywell EDC200 temperature controller?

The A. Hock GmbH as the authorized Honeywell distributer in Germany will support you in all technical and commercial questions you have for the Honeywell EasySet EDC200 temperature controller.