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Discontinued 01/01/1990


Positioner EP2201 / EP2202

Electro Pneumatic Positioner

The electro-pneumatic Positioner Series 2200 is a force-balance type devide which converts the impressed input current (typically 4 to 20mA) from a controller or manual station into a proportional force using a specially damped coil.

Article number: EP2201-35

Features and advantages

  • Precision control and high dynamic quality due to proportional control characteristic Independent adjustment of gain Kp.
  • Automatic adaption of the gain in response to input or poistion change.
  • Compact servo amplifier design warrants maximum efficiency and minimum response delay.
  • Linear and equal-percentage characteristics by feed-back cam selection.
  • Full or split range (up to 1:4) capability.


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