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ControlEdge RTU

Process controller for remote automation

Powerful, modular and scalable – all these attributes apply to the ControlEdge RTU programmable logic controller. In combination with Honeywell’s feature-rich SCADA products, the ControlEdge RTU provides an integrated solution for the requirements of complex remote automation.

To visualise the collected data, SCADA is supported by the Experion® automation control system. Any required data can be configurated individually and is clearly displayed, making it easy to manage individual field devices.

Thanks to its flexible communication, the ControlEdge RTU allows for the use of multiple existing and new network types. Thanks to exact data protocols, critical data can temporarily be stored locally and recovered later, for instance in case of communication failure.

Application areas

The controller can be used for all types of remote automation processes and control applications. The ControlEdge RTU is primarily used in rugged environments with low power consumption, making it a great choice for remote installation and operation in solar power plants.

Features and advantages

  • Native controller redundancy: The ControlEdge RTU boasts increased availability as no switch is required for I/O communication.
  • Efficient remote management: Thanks to 100 to 1,000 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), monitoring and diagnosis time can be significantly reduced.
  • HART-enabled onboard and I/O modules: No additional hardware required for digital HART data and diagnostics.


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