Distribution of measurement and control instrumentation

A. Hock GmbH is your Honeywell distributor in Germany

Honeywell is a provider of industrial measurement and control equipment with first class quality. The comprehensive portfolio enables to optimally map the control loop of your application.

Process Solution

Pioneer in automation and control technologies

Our process instrumentation help you to control monitor and optimize your production processes. Measure temperatures and pressures in the production process and run the converted mA signals on controllers and data loggers for further processing or recording.

Honeywell by FEMA

Your reliable partner in the field of pressure and temperature

With pressure switches, pressure limiters and pressure transmitters, Honeywell by FEMA (formerly ZENTRA Albert Bürkle KG) has a comprehensive portfolio for the safe operation of your application. The pressure monitors and limiters (DWR, DWAM) are especially suitable for burners and boiler monitoring. Pressure monitors of this type can also be used to monitor unfired pressure vessels.

Building Solution

Control technology for residential buildings, office complexes and industrial plants

The product portfolio includes areas such as water fittings, radiators and heating fittings as well as complex control systems.
We are happy to assist you with the design and dimensioning of your required Honeywell HVAC fittings. The Honeywell control valves supplement the A. Hock control valve portfolio in the field of HVAC applications.

Sensing and Control

Switches and Sensors for highest demands

The continously growing portfolio includes over 50,000 switches and sensors for a wide range of requirements and in a wide range of designs. For aviation, industry and medical applications we provide electro-mechanical switches, safety switches for the protection of machines as well as pressure, torque and vibration sensors.

Thermal Solutions

Your supplier for solutions in thermal processing industry

In the area of thermoprocess technology, we can offer you sophisticated burner solutions and burner controls as well as safety components.
You need measuring technology for flame monitoring?
Flame detectors from Industrial Combustion Control are used in industrial boilers, kilns or gas turbines and meet the highest industrial requirements.