ML6420 / ML6425


ML6420 / ML6425

Electric Actuator (linear)

The Honeywell electric actuator ML6420 / ML 6425 is suitable for standard HVAC applications and buildings control. For valve Series V5011, V5013, V5016, V5025, V5049, V5050, V5328, V5329 and VGF. The actuator ML6425 is approved according DIN EN 14597 in combination with the valve series V5016A, V5025A, V5328A and V5049A. For actuators with spring return, the manual operator is located under the cover.


  • Standard Actuator for Honeywell HVAC control valves
  • 3-pt. floating control input signal
  • power supply: 24V / 230V
  • stroke: 20mm
  • close-off force: 600N
  • easy installation
  • ML6425 with spring return safety function
  • IP54

Order number:

There are different order numbers for the electric linear actuators ML6420 and ML6425. Depending i.a. on the supply voltage, the run time (at 50Hz) and the spring return, vary the last five digits of the order number. For example, the actuator with the order number ML6420 A3007 has a supply voltage of 24Vac; 50/60Hz, a run time (at 50Hz) of 1min and has no spring return.
For the Honeywell actuators ML6420 and ML6425 there are the following order numbers:
  • ML6420A3007: 24Vac, run time 1min
  • ML6420A3023: 24Vac, run time 0.5min
  • ML6425A3006: 24Vac, run time 1.8min, spring return extends
  • ML6425B3005: 24Vac, run time 1.8min, spring return retracts
  • ML6425A3014: 230Vac, run time 1.8min, spring return extends
  • ML6425B3021: 230Vac, run time 1.8min, springreturn retracts
  • ML6420A3015: 230Vac, run time 1min
  • ML6420A3031: 230Vac, run time 0.5min

Article number:

e.g. ML6420A3007