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A. Hock at ACHEMA 2024: Focus on hydrogen and condition monitoring

ACHEMA 2024 took place in Frankfurt from 10 to 14 June. A. Hock was also part of the world's largest exhibition for process technology with a stand at the special show "Hydrogen". On site, we not only presented our hydrogen valves and condition monitoring products, but also made numerous interesting contacts. The most frequently asked questions from trade fair visitors are summarised in the article.

The most frequently asked questions from trade fair visitors

We have decided to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing paper consumption and transport emissions. We therefore present our documents online.

We see the additional advantages of this as follows:

  • Instant access (24/7)
  • Timeliness and accuracy: changes and additions to documentation can be made immediately, ensuring the most up-to-date information is always provided.
  • Multimedia: integration of videos, animations, interactive graphics and links that enhance understanding and customer experience.
  • Ease of access: easy distribution of documentation via email, websites or dedicated customer portals.
  • Device independence: customers can view documentation on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

All important and up-to-date information on our products and services can be found on the website. If you have any further questions, please use our chatbox or give us a call!

The hydrogen valves from A. Hock are especially suitable for use in hydrogen systems thanks to their compliance with the relevant standards and best practices. They are characterised by a long service life and special safety features. The valves can be equipped with bellows designs that ensure very high tightness. Their design also prevents hydrogen embrittlement and enables precise flow control. More information about the hydrogen valves!

Hydrogen embrittlement occurs when atomic hydrogen penetrates metals and makes them brittle. This can lead to cracking and material failure. Carbon steels are particularly affected. A. Hock meets this challenge by using materials with low carbon content and low degrees of hardness. The selection of valves and other components for hydrogen applications at A. Hock also follows strict standards to ensure tightness and compliance with important standards. Quality and safety are the be-all and end-all.

Learn more about hydrogen embrittlement!

In order to ensure safety, quality and efficiency in a hydrogen plant, numerous standards and directives must be observed during implementation, for example

  • EIGA IGC 121/14 for pipework and design requirements
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive for operational safety
  • ISO 11114 for material compatibility with hydrogen
  • ATEX Directive for explosion protection
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Inspection and testing standards such as ISO 9712 and ISO 15848

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A. Hock has gained a great deal of experience in projects involving hydrogen in recent years, including the following

  • HyCARE project: A. Hock supplied two high-quality, hydrogen-resistant control valves of the S2000 and S2060 series to control the hydrogen flow in the storage facility. They stand for high quality and the ability to function reliably under demanding conditions.
  • HyBit project: For this major research project, which is driving the development of a hydrogen-based industry in northern Germany, A. Hock supplied 37 hydrogen valves. Hock provided 37 hydrogen valves. These valves are designed for maximum leakage safety, precise flow control and corrosion resistance.

View all references!

A. Hock offers a wide range of control valves that are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. The product portfolio includes both two-way and three-way valves. They can be used in critical areas such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, food production and in pulp and paper manufacturing. The valves can be flexibly configured and are available with pneumatic or electric actuators as required. To the control valves

A. Hock uses vibration measurement as part of condition monitoring to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial plants. Mechanical vibrations are measured using special sensors, such as the Honeywell Versatilis™ transmitter , and analysed using the LoRaWAN easybox. This method supports preventive maintenance approaches and helps to detect faults at an early stage, thus preventing expensive failures. Our products in the field of condition monitoring:

  • LoRaWAN easybox: Enables real-time condition monitoring of various measurement data and provides clear dashboards.
  • Multivariable vibration sensors: For accurate vibration measurements for early detection of wear and misalignment.

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The configuration and design of valves at A. Hock takes place via the online platform AHOCK myHub . Here, users can customise the A. Hock control valves to their specific requirements using the AHOCK-VALVE configuration tool.

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Thank you for visiting us at ACHEMA 2024

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

Managing Director

I’m happy to support you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. My areas of expertise are automation technology and networks.