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Control valve sizing with CONVAL® from F.I.R.S.T GmbH

Since plenty of years we use the vendor independent software solution CONVAL® of the German company F.I.R.S.T GmbH for sizing and calculation of control valves.
This software offers well founded calculation possibilities for manufacturer, engineers, planners and operators for the design and calculation of control valves. The A. Hock control valve series 2000 is also part of the extensive control-device database of CONVAL.

Preventing production downtime with optimal valve calculations

On control valve sizing we put emphasis on a smooth operation of our control valves and are convinced that it will pay off in the medium to long term.
Therefore, the reliability of the control valve is always taken into account through the CONVAL® reliability index. The KPI developed by F.I.R.S.T GmbH provides conclusions on the expected reliability of the valve during operation.

From control valve calculation to the quotation

Feel free to send your process data and we take over the design and dimensioning of your control valve. You get a free complete quotation and the professional calculation within a few days.