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Company History

Looking back in time of the A. Hock GmbH

A. Hock GmbH looks back on a successful company history. Founded in 1995, the company has continuously evolved, opening up new areas of business and marketing new products along the way. Throughout their company history, A. Hock GmbH has stayed true to its core values: high service quality, reliability and top-class products from the field of measurement and control technology.

1995: The founding year of A. Hock GmbH

A. Hock MSR u. Electronic Service GmbH was founded on 1 October 1995 in Offenbach am Main. The original idea was to carry on the business of “IAS” (Industrial Automation Service) Honeywell Maintenance Centre in Germany. Since 1988, the department had been under the direction of future company founder Alwin Hock.

2001: A. Hock becomes a certified Honeywell distributor

Since September 2001, A. Hock GmbH works as a certified distributor for the Honeywell business divisions of “Sensing” and “Industrial Measurement & Control (IM&C)”. As a distribution partner, the company covers a wide range of products from the field of measurement and control technology.

2003: Construction of the new company site in Wörth am Main

In 2003, A. Hock GmbH and Honeywell signed a contract making A. Hock a “Certified Repair Centre” for in-warranty repairs from the field of IM&C. Thus, customers benefitted from a prolonged service life of measurement and control products as well as from reduced costs.

On 1 September 2003, construction works on the new company site were completed and the business officially relocated to Wörth am Main. At about the same time, the new “POWER” business division was launched. This division resulted from an agreement with Euro-Point Communication, authorising A. Hock with the maintenance and repairs of power supplies.

In 2008, the company was accredited as a “Maintenance Base” for process management systems by Honeywell Phoenix USA.

2004 - today: How the A. Hock GmbH turned into a control valve manufacturer

2004: A. Hock becomes an authorised distributor of Flowserve products

The year 2006 saw another milestone of A. Hock GmbH’s company history: the contract with Flowserve SAS Thiers/France making them an authorised distributor of valves and spare parts of the Series 2000  in the German-speaking area. In addition, the company also continued the global distribution of obsolete series such as S600, S900 and others. What’s more, A. Hock GmbH took over the Flowserve office in Maintal.

2008: Production start of A. Hock control valves

The foundations for the production of A. Hock control valves were laid in January 2008, when Flowserve SAS transferred all rights of the former Honeywell series and accessories to A. Hock GmbH. This made it possible for the company to start producing their own control valves.

2009 until today: growth and expansion

A. Hock GmbH is steadily growing and expanding. In 2009, the “Valve Division” business area was transferred to the new company site in Wörth am Main, initiating the production of former Honeywell control valve and actuator series, now under the name of A. Hock control valves and actuators.

The integration of the new business division made it necessary to expand the company premises, which today cover a total surface of about 2,000 m².

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