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Temperature transmitter

Varied temperature measurement devices by Honeywell for industrial processes

For many areas of the process industry, including the pharmaceutical, metal processing, chemical and furnace construction industry, it is crucial to monitor and record temperatures. To ensure the safe operation of industrial plants, temperature transmitters are used to control temperature.

How a temperature transmitter works

Temperature transmitters are used to record the temperature of resistance thermometers (RTDs) and thermocouple elements. They measure process temperatures and emit a standardised output signal (e.g. 4–20 mA). Using these linear signals, measurements can be transmitted in a simple and secure way.

Use case: Temperature measuring technology for heat exchangers

In industrial settings, heat exchangers are often used to save energy and reduce costs. The idea behind them is simple: Heat exchangers recover some of the thermal energy usually lost as waste heat and transfer it to different flow paths (e.g. from a hot to a cold flow path). Their application possibilities are varied.

That’s where temperature transmitters come into play. Thanks to two inputs, the SmartLine® temperature transmitter (STT 850 ) displays the temperature difference within the heat exchanger. In addition, it’s easy to specify limits (high and low) and monitor them.

Why you should choose Honeywell temperature transmitters

  • high accuracy and long service life 
  • high performance
  • low maintenance costs 
  • fast and simple implementation 
  • global use

Your advantages with A. Hock as your partner for temperature measuring technology

  • comprehensive consulting for your temperature measuring processes 
  • professional dimensioning of thermocouple elements and resistance thermometers 
  • extensive know-how in selecting protective covers (length, material, thickness, etc.) 
  • long-term expertise in the field of temperature measuring technology 

Do you have any technical questions on temperature measuring technology? 

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Ingo Keil

Ingo Keil

Technical sales and distribution

I’m the company’s sales representative for safety inspections. With my expertise in this field, I’m happy to assist you with burner control systems and flame monitoring as well as with the implementation of pressure and temperature measurement technology.