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Dimensioning and sizing of control valves

For the security, efficiency and longevity of your valves

Professional dimensioning plays a crucial role in achieving optimum performance and longevity of your control valves, thus preventing production downtimes. A. Hock offers you stellar service in the field of control valve dimensioning, using CONVAL® software for the exact calculation and sizing of seat valves and diaphragm valves with pneumatic and electrical actuators. With the help of our AIR&SPRING tool, pneumatic actuators can be individually configurated in line with process requirements.

Control valve dimensioning
with CONVAL® by F.I.R.S.T. GmbH

For many years, we have been using the manufacturer-independent CONVAL® software provided by F.I.R.S.T. GmbH for the dimensioning of control valves. The software offers comprehensive calculation options for the sizing and dimensioning of control valves and is based on proven procedures according to DIN, VDI, VDMA EN/ISO standards or ISA, ASME and API etc. This ensures that the right calculation basis is always available also in international projects. A. Hock control valves of the 2000 series  are also part of CONVAL’s® comprehensive database.

Find the suitable pneumatic actuator
with AIR&SPRING of A. Hock GmbH

In addition, we take the forces calculated in CONVAL® and use them in our newly developed AIR&SPRING calculation software to find the suitable A. Hock actuators. Another advantage: The respective accessories such as positioners, boosters or air filters can be configurated right in the Excel-based software.

The best thing about it: Valve manufacturers can integrate the software as well and use it to adjust pneumatic actuators to individual process requirements.

Find out more about AIR&SPRING and its many advantages!

Optimum valve calculation by A. Hock

The ultimate goal of our valve dimensioning service is the smooth operation and reliability of your control valves. That’s why the reliability of the control valve is determined using the reliability index based on the key performance indicator developed by F.I.R.S.T. GmbH.

Excellent service: from valve calculation to quotation

For a comprehensive valve calculation and specification please provide us with the following process data:

  • type of fluid and status
  • flow rate (Cv)
  • inlet and outlet pressure
  • fluid temperature
  • fluid density

Based on this data, we carry out the exact sizing and dimensioning of your control valve. Within only a couple of days, we can send you the calculation results and a detailed quotation. 

Do you have any questions on our service or do you need help with dimensioning your valves? 

We are happy to hear from you! 


Andreas Schalwig

Andreas Schalwig

Technical Sales

I’m happy to help you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. I have more than 15 years of experience in the dimensioning of control valves and actuators. What’s more, I help customers from all over the world to modernise their industrial plants.