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Radar level measurement technology by Honeywell

Reliable, safe and highly accurate

Whether it’s in the oil and gas industries, in the petrochemical industry, in agriculture or in the manufacturing sector: Honeywell radar level measurement devices are used wherever fluids, liquefied gases or solids are stored in tanks, silos or transportable containers. They offer a reliable and precise method of recording and reporting fluid levels for a multitude of process conditions. A. Hock uses top-class radar level measurement technology by Honeywell – discover our intelligent solutions!

Precise level measurement – also for dynamic process conditions

Precise level measurement is often required to ensure increased safety, efficiency and reliability, for instance for monitoring stock levels and supply chains, for preventing overfilling or for leak detection. In addition, radar level measurement also helps to prevent potential dry runs and any resulting pump damage.

How does radar level measurement work? During this kind of level measurement, radar impulses are emitted freely or along a rod probe. The measured reflection time is used to calculate the level of the medium contained within the vessel. A crucial aspect of this kind of measurement is the precise definition of vessel geometry, which can easily be done with the intelligent Honeywell SmartLine Application and Validation Tool

Radar level measurement devices are a safe choice even for extreme process conditions.

Advantages of radar level measurement:

reliable measurement, also in case of steam, pressure or temperature fluctuations
high accuracy of measured values 
maintenance-free measurement 
suitable for high temperatures

Why you should choose Honeywell radar level measurement technology

  • low maintenance costs
  • fast and easy implementation
  • high availability
  • reference customers from all over the world

Your advantages with A. Hock as your partner for radar level measurement technology

  • comprehensive consulting on the process you want to monitor
  • support in selecting appropriate testing probes
  • qualified staff with profound know-how on the entire product life cycle 

You have any questions regarding Honeywell level measurement technology?

Give us a call or send us a message – we’re happy to hear from you.


Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

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