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Combustion technology for your thermal processes

Safe and clean burner solutions from Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Whether it’s in power plants, garbage incineration plants, for metal melting or heat recovery – thermal processes are vital parts of many industry branches. 

Honeywell’s innovative Thermal Solution products are a great choice for all kinds of process heat applications as well as for oil and gas-fired boiler systems. Together we will find the perfect burner solution for your individual requirements.

Honeywell burner control units –
for the safe operation of oil and gas burners

Burner Controller 7800 Series

Burner Controler for gas, oil, or combination fuel burner

Burner Controller 7800 Series

How burner controllers work

Automatic burner controllers take over numerous safety-related tasks in control technology: They are responsible for the secure firing of gas and oil burners in industrial thermal processing and need to be both easy and comfortable to use.

The burner controllers fires the burner and monitors the flame with the help of ionisation electrodes or an UV sensor tube. In case of breakdown, for instance due to flame failure, the control system puts the machine in safe mode by immediately interrupting the gas supply.


Can be expanded into a burner management system

Depending on the complexity of the application, burner management systems (BMS) such as Honeywell Slate are used to monitor and visualise additional safety-related functions.

Flame monitoring with ionisation electrodes and UV flame detectors

Honeywell UV flame detectors -
Flame monitoring with ionisation electrodes and UV flame detectors

Continuous flame monitoring is one of the central requirements of EN 746 and an integral safety aspect of modern burner systems. Depending on the conditions on site, there are various methods of flame monitoring.

How does a ionisation electrode work?

One of them is done by way of an ionisation electrode, which is used to detect a steady flame and measure its conductivity. As soon as flame failure is detected, the electrode shuts off the gas supply. When installing the electrode, it is important to place it in the first third of the flame and make sure that the burner is grounded.


How does a UV sensor detect a flame?

During flame monitoring with an UV flame detector, the flame’s electromagnetic radiation in the UV spectrum (ideally 210 nm wave length) is measured. This type of sensors is mostly used for the combustion of carbon-containing fuels such as natural gas or oil. The UV flame detector should be placed as close to the flame as possible and be protected against dirt, humidity and heat. 

Gas valves and servo motors

For the gas inlet section and combustion air supply, special valves and actuators are required to regulate pressure and flow rates. Honeywell offers a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of Thermal Solutions, including the following:

Cloud-based remote maintenance and monitoring of industrial furnaces

Honeywell Thermal IQ is based on well-known Experion technology and is specifically designed for industrial furnaces, boilers and exhaust systems. The remote monitoring solution allows you to securely connect your thermal process equipment to the cloud.
Whether via APP or web access on your PC, you can access exactly the relevant data you need via the device of your choice.

Honeywell Thermal IQ

Cloud-based remote maintenance and monitoring of industrial furnaces

Honeywell Thermal IQ

Why you should choose Honeywell Thermal Solutions

  • varied product portfolio for the combustion industry
  • efficient and secure solution for maximum productivity
  • easy-to-use products
  • global use

Your advantages with A. Hock as a partner for combustion technology

  • comprehensive consulting on the monitoring of your thermal processes
  • qualified staff with long-term experience in combustion technology
  • fast and easy delivery thanks to our access to extensive stocks
  • solution-oriented and fast support in case of flame monitoring failure 

Questions on Honeywell combustion technology?

We are happy to assist.


Ingo Keil

Ingo Keil

Technical sales and distribution

I’m the company’s sales representative for safety inspections. With my expertise in this field, I’m happy to assist you with burner control systems and flame monitoring as well as with the implementation of pressure and temperature measurement technology.