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LoRaWAN-sensors and solutions

A. Hock products for efficient condition based monitoring

With the LoRaWAN sensors and solutions, A. Hock offers essential products for the Internet of Things, digitalization and networking in industry: In the field of condition-based monitoring, our wireless vibration sensors or the LoRaWAN easybox contribute to a significant increase in efficiency through modern communication technology - with their ability to deliver data continuously and reliably.

Honeywell Versatilis™: Wireless vibration sensor with LoRaWAN

Based on the latest LoRaWAN® protocol, the Honeywell Versatilis™ transmitter HVT100 serves as a multivariable vibration sensor. It measures vibrations from rotating equipment such as pumps and motors, and also detects surface temperature and noise.

LoRaWAN easybox: End-to-end solution

The A. Hock LoRaWAN easybox is an end-to-end solution for setting up your own LoRaWAN network for condition-based monitoring and maintenance. It allows you to collect, graphically visualize and securely manage data independent of the sensor manufacturer.


LoRaWAN easybox

End-to-End-Solution for Condition Monitoring

LoRaWAN easybox

Efficient, cost-effective & flexible: Our LoRaWAN solutions.

You can rely on it! The LoRaWAN products from A. Hock ...

  • are an energy efficient method for long range data transmission.
  • are secure (end-to-end encryption).
  • have a high application range.
  • have a long service life and are cost-effective.
  • can significantly reduce maintenance requirements

A. Hock relies on state-of-the-art sensors and transmitters with LoRaWAN technology - With these products, you too can significantly improve the efficiency of your monitoring, saving time, money and resources.

Do you have questions about LoRaWAN and Condition Based Monitoring?

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Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

Managing Director

I’m happy to support you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. My areas of expertise are automation technology and networks.