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Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitter HVT100

Vibration sensor with LoRaWAN® protocol

Honeywell's Versatilis™ transmitter is a multivariable vibration sensor based on the latest LoRaWAN® protocol. It uses communication technology to efficiently transmit data over long distances - ideal for automated data collection, predictive maintenance and monitoring of equipment and facilities.
The transmitter also supports Bluetooth Low Energy BLE communication: enabling fast and reliable configuration and troubleshooting. Further advantages are the first-class sensor technology, the compact and power-saving design as well as user-friendly operation.

Application areas

The Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitter HVT100 is used for vibration measurement of rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers and gearboxes.

The following data can be recorded:

  • Vibration
  • Acoustics
  • surface temperature
  • ambient temperature
  • ambient pressure
  • Humidity

Honeywell's Versatilis™ transmitter is also extremely valuable for controlling ambient conditions.


Features and advantages

  • Precise measurement of vibration, surface temperature and acoustics
  • Data acquisition with LoRaWAN® protocol
  • Integration with commercially available gateways for interoperability
  • support of LoRA to MQTT gateways for integration of MQTT clients
  • Fast configuration via Bluetooth
  • support for multiple flexible mounting options
  • integrated FFT algorithm (Fast Fourier Transform algorithm)
  • IP67 protection and intrinsic safety certification (Ex-proof)
  • low power consumption and long battery life


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Versatilis Transmitter Specification english pdf Download
Versatilis Transmitter Quickstart english pdf Download
Versatilis Transmitter Installation and Usersguide english pdf Download