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Machine safety according BetrSichV §10

Professional overtravel measurement of your light barriers

You need support in the initial or periodic inspection of your light barriers or other electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE)? Then A. Hock is the perfect partner for you! We offer professional inspections and thought-out solutions for maximum machine safety.

Our services:

  • qualified initial or periodic inspection of ESPE in combination with machine control 
  • stop-time measurement with state-of-the-art measurement equipment
  • thorough inspection of the correct installation of electro-sensitive protective equipment
  • creation of an individual acceptance protocol for every facility
  • functional tests of electro-sensitive protective equipment

We inspect protective equipment by all manufacturers


What is electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE)?

Electro-sensitive protective equipment such as light curtains, light barriers, light grids and safety laser scanners  offers reliable protection for staff and machinery. As soon as an object is detected within the detection field, the device initiates a stop signal and the machine is stopped until the object is removed.

Living up to the most challenging ambient conditions, electro-sensitive protective equipment is suitable for a vast field of applications, ranging from the manufacturing industry to aviation, health, military and transport.

Why are ESPE inspections necessary?

The German Industrial Safety Regulation (§ 10 BetrSichV) requires regular inspection of production facilities. According to § 10 of these regulations, companies have to undergo initial and periodic inspections to ensure the correct installation and functionality of their work equipment.

Who is authorised to carry out these safety inspections?

According to the German Industrial Safety Regulation, inspections of light barriers and other electro-sensitive protective equipment may only be carried out by qualified personnel with

  • a professional technical training 
  • at least one year of experience with the inspected facility 
  • proof of regular advanced training and qualification 

To ensure the professional inspection, maintenance and repair or your products, our technicians do regular training courses with TÜV Süd and various protective equipment manufacturers.

Are you interested in a professional overtravel measurement? 

We are happy to draw up a free quotation for you!


Ingo Keil

Ingo Keil

Technical sales and distribution

I’m the company’s sales representative for safety inspections. With my expertise in this field, I’m happy to assist you with burner control systems and flame monitoring as well as with the implementation of pressure and temperature measurement technology.