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Hydrogen valves from A. Hock

Since the 1970s, industrial valves from A. Hock have been used worldwide - also in hydrogen applications. To ensure that the control valves perform their tasks reliably and safely, the right choice of materials and technical know-how are the crucial factors for us during design and manufacture.

Safe valves, technically mature and with long service life

The demanding medium hydrogen will be used in more and more fields of application in the future. To ensure safe operation, all components that come into contact with hydrogen must be suitable.

SeriesTypeSpecialityPressure NominalDiameter NominalKVS
S20002-way valveAllrounderPN16, PN40 / ANSI150, ANSI300DN15 - DN3000,01 - 1600
S20602-way valveHigh pressure single seatedPN63, PN160 / ANSI600, ANSI900DN15 - DN1000,01 - 170
S90002-way valveCage guided plugPN40, PN160 / ANSI600, ANSI900DN15 - DN3000,01 - 1400
S2003/133-way valveAllrounderPN16, PN40 / ANSI300DN15 - DN3002,5 - 1200
S1003/133-way valveHVAC applicationPN16, PN25 / ANSI300DN15 - DN802,5 - 100
V50663-way valveThermal oil applicationPN16, PN25DN15 - DN802,5 - 100


... with bellows seal


... with direct mounted positioner


... metal sealed (up to class V) of with soft seat (up to class VI)

Good to know: Each of our valve series can be flexibly adapted to the needs of hydrogen applications. Whether pneumatically or electrically actuated, we offer them the widest possible choice of actuators for your application.


You can count on it!
The H2-ready valves from A. Hock ...

  • can prevent hydrogen embrittlement due to the smallest number of casting defects
  • are safe, even at high pressures
  • have low leakage values
  • allow finest flow control up to KVS 0,01
  • are approved or tested according to TA-Luft, DGRL, NACE
  • have a long service life
  • are exclusively equipped with high-quality materials
  • are compact due to direct mounting and can be used in narrow environments
  • have a high degree of internal and external leak-tightness
  • are in short: H2-ready!

Applications for hydrogen valves

The application areas of our hydrogen valves are diverse: from chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear to food industry. From steel production to use in the oil and gas industry. Everywhere the hydrogen resistant valves from A. Hock control the processes.

Experience in handling the critical medium hydrogen

For decades, control valves from A. Hock have been controlling processes in numerous industrial plants. We have mastered the functional principles of our standard products like no other. What distinguishes us beyond that is the manufacture of customer-specific products: Valve solutions such as hydrogen valves, including the associated electronic or pneumatic actuators - tailored to the respective requirement and at competitive prices.


All about hydrogen and hydrogen embrittlement

What processes are available for the production of hydrogen? What is the significance of hydrogen for the energy transition? And what challenges do valve manufacturers and plant engineers face in dealing with the gas? Find out all this and more in our articles on hydrogen and hydrogen embrittlement.

You have further questions about hydrogen valves?

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Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

Managing Director

I’m happy to support you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. My areas of expertise are automation technology and networks.