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Control valve series 2003

Three-way control valves in mixing and diverting versions

Available both as a mixing (2003) and as a diverting valve (2013), the three-way control valves of A. Hock’s Series 2003 are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you’re looking for a standard or more complex version, the valves are available in a variety of nominal sizes, body types and materials. The control valves can be actuated either with pneumatic diaphragm actuators or with electric actuators.

The big advantage: Specific control valves are available for dispatch within 24 hours, in quantities of one or more.

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Technical specification

PN16 - PN40 / ANSI300
DN15 - DN300
2,5 - 1200
class IIIclass IVa
Fluid, Steam, Gas
Pneumatic or electrical
Ductil iron, carbon steel, stainless steel



Can be changed from mixing to diverting operation or vice versa without additional parts.

  • Function: By simply turning the two plug halves on the valve stem.
  • Benefit: High flexibility can be achieved with low inventory costs



Flow-favorable, large-volume housing

  • Function: Low pressure drop, less vortex formation, lower noise level.
  • Benefit: Wear and cost reduction



Flange dimensions and installation lengths according to DIN and ANSI

  • Function: 95% of all applications are achieved with this.
  • Benefit: Fitting of a system with identical valves.



Exchangeable trim parts

  • Function: By changing the plug and/or seat ring, kvs values and materials can be changed.
  • Benefit: High flexibility can be achieved with low inventory costs.



Six different standard materials for body and bonnet are available

  • Function: -200°C to +530°C Acids, alkalis, solids can be controlled with this valve. Resistant to almost all media.
  • Benefit: facilitates standardization



Double-wall bellows seal to the outside

  • Function: The seamless bellows can be loaded up to the nominal pressure. The basis of calculation is: 100,000 double strokes.
  • Benefit: High operational reliability and service life

Application areas

Whether it’s in the chemical or petrochemical industry, in refineries or power plants: The three-way valves are used in a variety of industry applications for the precise control of water, oil, steam or other fluids, especially in heating and cooling systems. The valves of the Series 2003 are mainly used for the precise temperature control of industrial heat exchangers.

Features and advantages

  • rugged construction
  • ANSI and DIN body patterns
  • convertible from mixing to diverting version
  • can be reversed without removing the valve


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S2003/13 Installation and Operation Manual english pdf Download
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