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Series 2000 pneumatic actuators

Diaphragm actuators for fast response times

If you’re looking for fast response times and high actuating forces (up to 79kN), look no further than the diaphragm actuators of A. Hock’s Series 2000. Thanks to their rugged and compact design, the actuators are suitable for use in extreme environments. In addition, the pneumatic diaphragm actuators allow for flexible use in industrial applications.

The actuators work in both directions, opening and closing valves either by spring force or control air. No additional parts are required to reverse the direction in the field. The actuators can also be supplied without springs. In this case, they open and close the valve exclusively with external air.

Technical specification

290 - 2600 cm²
10-120 mm
Max Kräfte
15 - 79kN
Top or side handwheel
< 1s

Application areas

With more than 100.000 products sold worldwide, the pneumatic actuators of the Series 2000 are used in a variety of industry branches, ranging from the chemical and petrochemical industries to the process industry, refineries and power plants.

A. Hock’s diaphragm actuators are particularly suitable for use in extreme ambient temperatures. What’s more, they can withstand severe shock loadings. The pneumatic actuators also ensure maximum safety in potentially explosive environments. They can be used in hazardous areas without additional cost or expenditure.

Another field of application: In conjunction with the P50K series made from V4A stainless steel, the pneumatic diaphragm actuators are wind- and weather-proof. These corrosion-resistant characteristics are particularly suitable for industry plants in coastal and offshore areas with high salinity.

Features and advantages

  • modular design with a high variety of models
  • fast response time and high actuating forces
  • long service life and maintenance-free operation
  • quick delivery (within one week)


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S2000 Specification german pdf Download
S2000 Installation and Operation Manual german pdf Download
S2000 Specification english pdf Download
S2000 Installation and Operation Manual english pdf Download
Safety Information deutsch/englisch pdf Download
S2000 CAD Drawings multi zip Download