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Booster Valve IL100 series

Booster Valve for pneumatic actuators

There is a compressed air supply at the output connection of the booster valve, the pressure of which corresponds exactly to the signal pressure, but has a much higher volume flow.

Article number: EIL100-F02

Technical specification

Max. supply pressure (SUP) [MPa]: 1Max. signal pressure (SIG) [MPa]: 0.7Max. output pressure (OUT) [MPa]: 0.7
Port size: SIG G 1/4; SUP,OUT G 1/4 or G 3/8

Application areas

Can be used for large line distance between positioner and pneumatic Actuator or if large actuators (2116T, 2116, 2112T, 2112) must be operated with short closing times (< 1s)


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IL100 Specification german pdf Download
IL100 Specification english pdf Download