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Industrial control valves

High-quality valves for the process industry by A. Hock

Challenging applications require powerful control valves. A. Hock’s high-quality product portfolio features two-way and three-way valves that allow for flexible configuration, whether you want a pneumatic or an electric actuator.

Our control valves are available in all standard nominal diameters (DN15–DN250) and pressure rates (PN16–PN400). All used materials and compatible components are tailored to the respective field of application.

A. Hock control valves not only help you maintain a continuously high product quality, they are also an excellent choice for increasing plant efficiency. See for yourself!

SeriesTypeSpecialityPressure NominalDiameter NominalKVS
S20002-way valveAllrounderPN16, PN40 / ANSI150, ANSI300DN15 - DN3000,01 - 1600
S20602-way valveHigh pressure single seatedPN63, PN160 / ANSI600, ANSI900DN15 - DN1000,01 - 170
S90002-way valveCage guided plugPN40, PN160 / ANSI600, ANSI900DN15 - DN3000,01 - 1400
S2003/133-way valveAllrounderPN16, PN40 / ANSI300DN15 - DN3002,5 - 1200
S1003/133-way valveHVAC applicationPN16, PN25 / ANSI300DN15 - DN802,5 - 100
V50663-way valveThermal oil applicationPN16, PN25DN15 - DN802,5 - 100

Reliable control of fluids, steam and gas

Whether it’s in the chemical or petrochemical industry, in food production or in paper or cellulose manufacturing – our reliable A. Hock control valves and actuators are suitable for a wide range of applications.
The modular design of our valves series allows us to cater specifically to your individual requirements. For instance, for application under extreme conditions we apply special materials, armoured fittings, bellows seals and special paints.

Our valves are certified according to AD2000, NACE, SIL and Ex and tested to meet the latest standards. 

A. Hock control valves in use around the world

Our control valves have been fulfilling the highest process industry requirements since 1954 and are used around the world. Formerly produced by Honeywell Regelsysteme GmbH in Maintal, the control valves have been further developed, installed, inspected and distributed at our company site in Wörth am Main since 2008.

We take pride in the fact that our products are “Made in Germany”. In addition to outstanding product quality, which is partly due to our valves being produced within the European Union, our customers benefit from a short supply chain and fast delivery times.

You are looking for pneumatic or electric actuators to go with our control valves? 

Take a look at our product portfolio or contact us!

Andreas Schalwig

Andreas Schalwig

Technical Sales

Consult you for projects or inquiries in the area of valve technology or measurement and control
Have 15 years experience with dimensioning of control valves and acutators
Help you modernising your plant