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37 Hydrogen valves for large-scale sustainable hyBit project

Hydrogen is on everyone's lips and is seen as the "energy source of the future". The large-scale research project hyBit was therefore launched in Bremen. A. Hock supplied 37 hydrogen valves for the construction of several hydrogen production plants. The high requirements such as the highest leakage class, equal-percentage characteristic curve and C5 coating had to be met.

Project data

project: HyBit

industry: Hydrogen economy

services: Delivery of 37 hydrogen valves

products: A. Hock series 2000 hydrogen valves

HyBit - the path to an efficient hydrogen economy in northern Germany

The research project hyBit (hydrogen for Bremen's industrial transformation) was launched in 2022. It focuses on creating an efficient hydrogen economy in northern Germany. More specifically, it is about creating a roadmap for the design of a green, hydrogen-based industry that enables the heat, electricity and mobility sectors to be networked.

The focus is on Bremen's industrial harbour. ArcelorMittal's steelworks emits around 6 million tonnes of CO2 every year and is considered the biggest air polluter in the region. The steel industry is therefore one of the main players in the project. The transition from coal and natural gas to green hydrogen is to take place through research and innovation.

The requirements for hydrogen valves

Hydrogen is an extremely demanding medium. Systems and components that come into contact with H2 must fulfil special safety requirements. This also applies to the hydrogen valves from A. Hock.

  • On/off valve with the highest leakage class VI: A safe and reliable shut-off of the medium as well as tightness to the inside (soft-sealing) could thus be guaranteed.
  • Use of TA-Luft: Tightness to the outside was ensured via a TA-Luft packing.
  • Control valve with equal-percentage characteristic curve: This enables a high flow rate when the valve is open and fine control when it is almost closed.
  • Use of C5 coating: The hydrogen valves have a very high level of protection against corrosion thanks to the resistant and durable coating. Indispensable for industrial plants near the coast in particular.

The Result

All 37 S2000 hydrogen valves and the matching pneumatic actuators were delivered to Bremen on time. They fulfil the high demands placed on the medium and ensure smooth control of the increasingly important hydrogen in the large-scale sustainable hyBit project.

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