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Hydrogen-resistant control valves for innovative HyCARE storage system

From the chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries to the food industry: Stühff Maschinen- & Anlagenbau GmbH has been planning, manufacturing and assembling plants, devices, pipelines and much more made of different materials for decades. This is also the case for the HyCARE (Hydrogen CArrier for Renewable Energy Storage) project, which is supported by the European Union's Research and Innovation Program.

A. Hock supplied Stühff with two high-quality hydrogen valves, which were installed on the supply line to the storage system.


Project data

industry: renewable energy

services: control valve sizing and dimensioning, delivery of hydrogen valves for the supply pipeline to the storage system

products: S2000 and S2060 hydrogen resistant control valves

About the HyCARE project

The storage of renewable energy is still a major challenge. The HyCARE project has set itself the task of using hydrogen to store energy from renewable sources such as photovoltaics and wind. This project is unique in Europe: The developed, innovative plant technology stores 50 kg of hydrogen in large hydrogen tanks using metal hydrides at low pressure and low temperature.

The goal is to install a thermal management system that increases the overall efficiency of such plants and stores renewable energy sustainably and permanently - for later use as needed.


The requirement: Safe control of hydrogen

For the supply line to the HyCARE storage system, Stühff needed two valves that could withstand the high demands of hydrogen, a critical medium. The gas can easily penetrate a wide variety of materials and lead to embrittlement. To prevent this, the control valves must be of special and high-quality material.  

In order to control the smallest flow rates of hydrogen, our low-flow set was used here.


The result: H2-Ready control valves from A. Hock

The innovative showcase project HyCARE has received a lot of international attention. A. Hock delivered the hydrogen valves, specially adapted to the novel plant and the critical medium, within a very short time.

Specification of the control valve used

  • Series 2000 control valve
    • Diameter Nominal: DN25
    • Pressure Nominal: PN40
    • Body material: Stainless Steel 1.4581
    • Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
    • intelligent positioner SRD998
  • Series 2060 control valve
    • Diameter Nominal: DN25
    • Pressure Nominal: PN63
    • Body material: Stainless Steel 1.4581
    • Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
    • intelligent positioner SRD998

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David Raitz

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