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A. Hock equips Tetra Pak packaging line with high-performance valve

Project overview and products used

Customer: Bempflinger GmbH via partner ASA Horst Wieber
Country: Germany
Industry: Food industry
Application: Pressure control
Services: Valve sizing and design + on-site service and commissioning.

Products used:


Bempflinger Lebensmittel GmbH is regarded as an innovative manufacturer of retail and private labels. Whether on the national or international stage, the medium-sized company is a leading supplier for branded goods companies in the food industry and specializes in the development of customized product equipment.

Through ASA Horst Wieber, the customer approached A. Hock to equip a Tetra Pak packaging line with a pneumatic pressure control valve, a pressure transducer and a PID universal controller. In this project, the customer benefited from the advantage of getting everything from a single source.


The requirements

The control loop of a tetra-pak packaging plant was to be renewed and put into operation as quickly as possible. This required maximum flexibility on the part of our control and valve technology experts.


The solution

Based on process data on the valves, we first dimensioned and designed the S2000 series valve. The configuration of the ST700 pressure transducer and the UDC3200 PID universal controller were carried out simultaneously. The individual components had already been assembled and extensively tested off-site.
The result

The professional on-site commissioning of the individual components could be carried out within the scheduled deadline, without long plant downtimes or production losses. The result: a satisfied customer.

Andreas Schalwig

Andreas Schalwig

Technical Sales

I’m happy to help you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. I have more than 15 years of experience in the dimensioning of control valves and actuators. What’s more, I help customers from all over the world to modernise their industrial plants.