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Control valves for biofuel production

Turning waste oil into biodiesel - Renewable fuels plant

The College Group is a sustainable company from Ireland that invests heavily in research and development. Its goal is to become CO2-neutral by 2029 and to offer only environmentally compatible products and services.

With the construction of the multi-million liter plant for the production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil and animal fats, the College Group took the next step towards greater sustainability. For the biofuel plant, A. Hock supplied 52 control valves for the biofuel plant, which met the high requirements such as leak tightness to the outside, explosion protection and compliance with noise emissions.

Project data

company: College Group Ireland

industry: renewable energy

services: control valve sizing and dimensioning, supply of 52 control valves

products: A. Hock series 2000 control valves

Process for the production of biodiesel with fractional distillation

The College Group spent five years researching to develop methods and processes for the ideal biofuel production process. The final product should be of the highest quality and free of environmental contaminants.

The fractional distillation system, commonly used in petroleum processing, achieves just that, turning waste products such as used cooking oil and animal fat into clean, green and sustainable fuel. In the fractional distillation process, a mixture of substances consisting of several components is separated into its constituent parts, which in turn are called "fractions".


Requirement & challenge for our control valves

For this biofuel plant, which is unique in Europe so far, the College Group required 52 two-way/ and three-way control valves. They are used to control pressures, flow rates, temperatures and levels of the following media:

  • Thermal oil (with bellows)
  • Biodiesel
  • Methanol (with bellows)
  • Steam
  • Waste water
  • Cooling water
  • Exhaust air

Proper design and dimensioning were essential to meet the requirements:

Tightness to the outside:

Bellows were used wherever toxic, flammable or aggressive media had to be protected. They ensure tightness to the outside to prevent critical gases from escaping into the environment.

Explosion protection:

It was necessary to ensure that in an explosive atmosphere, the equipment and machinery provided protection and safety. For this purpose, A. Hock supplied SRD998 positioners with explosion protection.

Compliance with noise emission:

As soon as liquids and gases with high differential pressures pass through valves, an increased noise level can occur. To comply with noise emissions, A. Hock used NRE21 plugs with perforated plate.


The result

The College Group's innovative showcase project for the production of biofuel was successfully completed and the plant was commissioned as planned. A. Hock delivered all control valves specially designed to meet the requirements just in time according to the project progress.


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