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Control valve series 2000

Two-way control valves with one-seat design

A. Hock Series 2000 valves are our two-way control valve all-rounders. Available in both standard and more complex versions, the valves of this series are suitable for almost all process-related applications.

The straight-through valves are single-seated and actuated by electric or pneumatic diaphragm actuators.

The big advantage: Thanks to efficient warehousing, specific control valves are available for dispatch within 24 hours, in quantities of one or more.

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Technical specification

PN16 - PN40 / ANSI150, ANSI300
DN15 - DN300
0,01 - 1600
class IV, class V, class VI
Fluid, Steam, Gas
Pneumatic or electrical
Ductil iron, carbon steel, stainless steel


Tight finish in seat and plug

  • Function: Due to high accuracy of the individual parts, a leakage rate of 0.01 % of kvs is achieved without rework
  • Benefit: Cost reduction, as no rework is required when replacing the trim.



Plug and rod welded together

  • Function: Very good alignment of taper, seat ring and guide bush
  • Benefit: Cost reduction when replacing the trim



Three different characteristic curves available

  • Function: By replacing the plug: equal percentage, linear, open-close
  • Benefit: Easy adaptation to the behavior of the control loop



Interchangeable trim-parts

  • Function: Characteristics, kvs values, materials, pressure compensation and sound reduction can be changed by changing the plug and/or seat ring.
  • Benefit: High flexibility is achievable with low inventory costs



Seat surfaces adapted to the kvs value

  • Function: Valve handles closing pressures up to nominal pressure with standard actuators
  • Benefit: Cost reduction through use of lower-cost drives.



Six different standard materials for housing and bonnets are available

  • Function: -200°C to +530°C Acids, alkalis, solids can be controlled with this valve. Resistant to almost all media.
  • Benefit: facilitates standardization



Easily replaceable guide bush

  • Function: Allows quick adaptation to most media, temperatures and other operating conditions.
  • Benefits: Low maintenance costs and greatly expanded range of applications



Double-walled bellows seal to the outside

  • Function: The seamless bellows can be loaded up to the nominal pressure. The calculation basis is: 100,000 double strokes
  • Benefit: High operational reliability and service life



Noise-reducing valve inner parts

  • Function: Multilevel relaxation
  • Benefit: Noise and wear reduction

Application areas

Series 2000 control valves have been sold more than 100,000 times. They are used to regulate temperature, flow, pressure and fill levels in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in refineries and power plants around the world. Thanks to their special characteristics, the valves cover 80 % of industry applications.

Features and advantages

  • flow-optimised valve construction with one-seat design
  • low noise trims
  • excellent control characteristics
  • modular design
  • long service life and maintenance-free operation
  • fast delivery


TitleLanguageFile typeDownload
S2000 Specification german pdf Download
S2000 Installation and Operation Manual german pdf Download
S2000 Specification english pdf Download
S2000 Installation and Operation Manual english pdf Download
Safety Information german/english pdf Download
S2000 PN16-40 CAD Drawings multi zip Download
S2000 ANSI300 CAD Drawings multi zip Download