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Control valve series 2060

Top-guided straight-through high-pressure valves

The powerful high-pressure valves of the 2060 series are used for controlling fluids, gas and steam. Made from cast steel, high-temperature steel or stainless steel, they are used in a variety of industry applications. Depending on the specific application area, accessories, steel grades, sealing methods and sealing materials can be adjusted.

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Technical specification

PN63 - PN160 / ANSI600, ANSI900
DN15 - DN100
0,01 - 170
class IVclass Vclass VI
Fluid, Steam, Gas
Pneumatic or electrical
Carbon steel, stainless steel

Application areas

Thanks to the rugged construction of the top-guided straight-through valves of the 2060 series, they are particularly suitable for industrial applications in the pressure range of more than 40bar/300psi and up to 160bar/900psi. The valves are primarily used in the chemical industry as well as in the oil and gas industry.

Features and advantages

  • large flow capacity
  • available as a low-flow version
  • low noise trims
  • full accessory range
  • flow-inducing, large-volume housing


TitleLanguageFile typeDownload
S2060 Specification german pdf Download
S2060 Installation and Operation Manual german pdf Download
S2060 Specification english pdf Download
S2060 Installation and Operation Manual english pdf Download
Safety Information german/english pdf Download