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Precise PID controller by Honeywell

For controlling pressure, fill levels, flow rates and temperatures

Precise single and multi-loop controllers are ideal for control tasks in simple PID processes. Honeywell offers a high-quality product series of autonomous PID- and program controllers. They monitor and control pressure, level and flow rates. Honeywell digital temperature controllers are also the first choice for controlling temperature, for example the UDC2800.

Equipped with Honeywell Accutune and Fuzzy Logic technology, PID controllers offer a long-term optimization of your processes. In addition, they help you cut down on implementation time and unnecessary downtimes.

What is the function of a PID controller?

The PID controller is the most versatile of the classic controllers. This is because the PID is a 3-in-1 controller. That is, three controllers working together: a proportional controller, an integral controller and a differential controller.

Within a control loop, a PID controller ensures that the controlled variable (process variable) is continuously measured and compared with the setpoint. If deviations occur, the controller applies a correction on the deviation so that the setpoint and the process variable match again. More precisely: the proportional controller takes the deviation into account, the integral controller adds up the deviation and the differential controller reacts to changes in the deviation.

Why you should choose Honeywell PID controllers

  • intuitive and informative operating interface 
  • easy configuration and operation 
  • straightforward installation and maintenance 
  • Accutune and Fuzzy Logic technology for process optimisation 

Your advantages with A. Hock as your partner for PID controllers

  • comprehensive consulting on the vast range of Honeywell universal controllers 
  • on-site integration and implementation of your universal controllers
  • many decades of experience in the field of universal controllers (incl. authorised warranty processing for Honeywell)
  • rapid availability of spare parts thanks to warehousing

Do you have questions on PID controllers? 

We are happy to help!


Stefan Scherger

Stefan Scherger

Technical Sales

In close cooperation with our clients, I implement individual solutions in the field of Honeywell measurement and control technology. With 20 years of experience, I’m happy to support you in the maintenance and repair of process recorders and universal controllers as well as with overhauling your Honeywell process control.