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Pneumatic actuators by A. Hock

Precise control with proven actuator technology

Pneumatic diaphragm actuators are the first choice for attaining fast and high actuating forces. Equipped with robust EPDM diaphragms, they ensure universal use and low-hysteresis control across the entire actuating range. Even under extreme conditions, A. Hock actuators are a reliable choice for actuating your control valves. What’s more, they live up to all explosion protection demands without any additional expenses.

Perfect for safety-critical applications

Pneumatic diaphragm actuators are widely used by the chemical and petrochemical industries. The robust, low-maintenance and moderately priced devices for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic instrumentations are suitable for unrestricted use in potentially explosive installations.

Your advantage: If the compressed air fails, the spring forces automatically put the control valve back in the desired position: the fail-safe position. 

In addition to their safety functions, the pneumatic diaphragm actuators also boast high actuating forces, especially in comparison with electric actuators.

Many decades of experience with pneumatic appliances

Many renowned manufacturers of industry valves use pneumatic diaphragm actuators by A. Hock. They are adapted to the respective valve and powder-coated in the desired colour. Our decades of experience with pneumatic appliances and countless successful projects make our actuators a reliable choice for your facilities.

5 advantages of pneumatic diaphragm actuators by A. Hock:

  1. modular construction with a great variety of dimensions and designs 
  2. reliable and low-hysteresis control
  3. fast response times and high actuating forces
  4. long service life and low-maintenance operation 
  5. fast delivery (within one week)

Would you like to know more about our pneumatic diaphragm actuators?

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David Raitz

David Raitz

Technical Sales

I’m your contact for projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. Contact me for the correct dimensioning of control valves and actuators as well as for valve service concepts.