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55 series 2000 control valves for LLC KINEF refinery

LLC KINEF is one of the biggest refineries of north-western Russia. They produce petroleum products with outstanding performance characteristics and environmental properties. Among other products, they produce fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, diesel fuels and jet fuels.
Over the course of several years, A. Hock implemented a large-scale plant modernisation project together with Honeywell Russia for LLC KINEF. The project included the dimensioning and implementation of 55 new control valves of the series 2000.


Project data

customer: LLC KINEF

industry: oil and gas (refinery)

services: plant modernisation

products used: S2000 control valves, pneumatic actuators, positioners

The project

LLC KINEF was faced with the challenge of modernising their plant infrastructure. This also involved the replacement of all control valves. The ultimate goal: improving the quality of their petroleum products and cutting down on operating expenses.


The challenge

The LLC KINEF project was implemented over the course of several years by A. Hock and Honeywell Russia. Challenges included the complex export and customs handling of the 55 series 2000 control valves as well as obtaining the Russian TR-CU certificate. In addition, the entire product documentation had to be translated into Russian.


The solution

To successfully carry out the plant modernisation, our experts first collected extensive data at the refinery on site. They identified, documented and registered all valves there and familiarised themselves with existing process conditions. With the help of regular client feedback, the new control valves were sized and dimensioned according to the latest standards.

The result

Thanks to the modular architecture of the series 2000 valves, the individual demands of  LLC KINEF could be specifically addressed. Several years of joint efforts paid off in the end: The plant was equipped with new valves and positioners by PMV,  ensuring a full, on-time plant modernisation.

Products used

Series 2000 control valves

On/off plug and equal percentage

Plug and seat ring made of Monel (corrosion ressistant material)

ANSI300 and PN40 casings

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David Raitz

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