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Bellows valve for heat exchanger at Hellenic Petroleum

Hellenic Petroleum is one of the largest petroleum companies in Southeastern Europe. Based in Greece, the company specializes primarily in the processing and distribution of petroleum products as well as oil production. Hellenic Petroleum is also active in the electricity sector and the production of plastic granules.

A. Hock replaced a Honeywell bellows valve with a new valve for the customer in 2021 was able to not only increase the safety of the plant, but also significantly improve its performance.

Project data

customer: Hellenic Petroleum

industry: oil and gas (refinery)

services: 1:1 replacement for a Honeywell bellows valve from 1999

products used: Bellows valve series 2003/13

Requirements: Tightness to atmosphere

As part of Hellenic Petroleum's "Refinery Unit 100" modernization project, the crude oil preheating train was to be removed and a new 3-way control valve was to be used. The medium: heavy atmospheric gas, also known as light diesel, distillate, AGO, LAGO or HAGO. It is primarily used as an admixture in the production of diesel or fuel oil.

Atmospheric gas consists mainly of molecules with 14 to 20 carbon atoms and has a boiling range between 215 to 343 degrees Celsius. Central to this project was the handling of the critical medium. Under no circumstances should this gas be released into the environment.

The advantages: This is why bellow seals for control valves are the ideal in extreme environments

Bellows-sealed valves are the first choice in industrial handling of critical media such as aggressive, toxic or flammable substances. These valves have high pressure and temperature resistance, are extremely reliable and allow leak-free operation.

The use of bellows with special seals is essential to prevent environmental damage - especially in extreme refinery environments - and to increase plant safety.

The challenge: replacement of a bellows valve from 1999

The customer approached A. Hock to supply a 1:1 replacement of the Honeywell bellows valve from 1999, with improved performance at the same time.

The original Honeywell valve had the following specifications:

  •   3-way valve, manifold design, ANSI 300, metal bellows seal.
  •   Body in cast steel (1.0619), trim stainless steel 1.4571, Cv580
  •   pneumatic actuator 2016T (2-chamber), diaphragm area 2600 cm², handwheel on top (gear)
  •   pneumatic positioner 2750

The result: 3-way valve with bellow seal and smart positioner

With the key data available on the valve, which was more than 20 years old, the new bellows valve could be specified exactly. A DN200 three-way control valve with a smart Logix 420 positioner and a height of more than 3 m was supplied. In addition, the stainless steel trim was stellited to increase stability and service life.

Specification of the bellows valve used

  • A. Hock Series 2003/13 control valve in mixing design

  • smart I/P positioner in pressurized version (Ex d), HART-capable

  • special cast steel for oil and gas plants (1.7363/GS-12 CrMo 19.5)

  • inner trim made of stainless steel phase-stellited (1.4571 HFS Stellite 6) to increase service life

  • Drive with increased corrosion protection requirement C3 to DIN EN ISO 12944

  • Increase in drive forces without structural modifications (special spring set)

  • Use of a volume booster to shorten response times

  • Certifications: ATEX, PED, DIN EN 10240-3.1, positioner calibration certificate 2.2, PMI test, and many more.


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