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Control valves for pyrolysis gas delivered to plastic upcycling company

For a pyrolysis plant of a Danish plastics upcycling company, A. Hock delivered three electrically operated control valves with PN16 flanges.
The valves with ATEX standard are especially suitable for operation with pyrolysis gas in the temperature range from 20 to 50 °C.


Project data

industry: renewable energy

services: control valve sizing and dimensioning, delivery of control valves and actuators

products: Series 2000 control valves with explosion-proof electric actuator

Background: More sustainability with pyrolysis

Low waste gas volumes, lower temperatures, fewer pollutants, no secondary waste (e.g. fly ash): Pyrolysis is a modified combustion process that offers many advantages. All combustible materials can be processed in this way in an environmentally friendly manner, for example waste products from plastics or materials such as waste wood. The result is unmixed residual waste that can be further treated without difficulty and used to generate electricity and thermal energy. Modern pyrolysis plants are therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative to waste incineration.


Plastic recycling with modern pyrolysis technologies

The plastics upcycling company from Denmark uses plastic waste to make it usable again through chemical recycling. The resulting pyrolysis gas and oil is recycled back into the value chain, saving fossil resources.


Requirements and challenges

The customer's pyrolysis plant is an explosion-proof environment. Due to this, the electric actuators had to be certified according to ATEX directives. The control valves had to be delivered to the company within a very short time.


The result: ATEX control valves with on-time delivery

The three electric control valves (DN50) for pyrolysis gas were delivered within the specified four weeks and the order was thus completed on schedule. Certified according to the ATEX standard, they now ensure the safety of the employees in the plant.

Specification of the control valve used

  • Series 2000 control valve
  • Diameter Nominal: DN50
  • Pressure Nominal: PN16
  • Body material: Carbon steel
  • Electric actuator of Rotork Schischek with ATEX zone 2 classification

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David Raitz

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