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Electric actuators of the Series E2000NR

Linear actuators with fail-safe option

The electric actuators of A. Hock’s Series E2000NR offer maximum safety, reliability and flexibility. The linear actuators feature a special fail-safe position complying with DIN EN 14597. In the event of power failure, the actuators are set to fail-safe position (zero voltage retraction mechanism). This means that the thrust rod is either retracted or extended. The required energy is stored in a spring stack and transmitted to the thrust rod in the event of power failure. In modulating duty, the end position seating is made via limit switches.

According to the specific field of application, the fail-safe actuator E2000NR can be adjusted in terms of positioning force, stroke and positioning time in normal and fail-safe mode.

Article number: E2000NR2.1

Technical specification

35-46 mm
Max Kräfte
0,9 - 5,3 kN
only with switch
17,5 mm/min
24 V / 115 V / 230 V 50/60 Hz

Application areas

A. Hock‘s electric actuators with fail-safe option are suitable for a wide range of safety-related applications. As actuators that can open or close valves in case of emergency ensure a safe operation, they are especially useful for process plants with high safety requirements.

Features and advantages

  • low height due to a compact integrated unit
  • stall-proof synchronous motors ensuring highest positioning accuracy
  • safe operation and reduced maintenance requirements due to mechanical system without hydraulic fluid
  • modular design for easy extension of functionalities
  • wide range of accessories


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