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UV Flame Sensor C7061A/F

Ultraviolet Flame Detector for continous operation

The C7061 series of electronic UV flame detectors detect UV radiation emitted during the combustion of carbonaceous fuels such as natural gas, LPG and oil.

The flame detector is available in two different versions. Model C7061A for standard applications and Model C7061F for hazardous areas. Two flame detectors

be connected in parallel to avoid a shutdown for applications where the flame detection is made more difficult. In conjunction with Honeywell burner control units, these are suitable for flame monitoring during continuous operation of industrial burner systems.

Article number: C7061A1020

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Application areas

In industrial furnaces, dryers, afterburning plants a perfect flame monitoring must be guaranteed. Here the C7061 is ideally suited for continuous operation in this type of thermal processing plant.

Features and advantages

  • European models for continuous operation, with mechanical orifice (C7061A1004, C7061A1020, C7061A1079)
  • Explosion-proof models for continuous operation, with mechanical orifice (C7061F1003)


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C7061A Specification german pdf Download
C7061A-F Specification english pdf Download
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