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Honeywell Thermal IQ

Cloud-based remote maintenance and monitoring of industrial furnaces

Honeywell's Thermal IQ™ platform enables plants to be efficiently monitored and safely controlled. The remote monitoring solution connects burner systems to the cloud, making critical thermal process plant data available on any device (e.g. tablet, smartphone or PC), regardless of time or location - in real time. Thanks to the optimal use of data, business results can be significantly optimized.

Thermal IQ™ also gives you access to Honeywell's most powerful, advanced and protected software platforms, including Experion Elevate, Sentience and Asset Performance Management. Thermal IQ™ is used by the largest global companies to ensure safe and reliable operation of thermal process equipment.

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Technical specification

TIQ Operate, TIQ Optimize

The Thermal IQ™ platform is available in two versions. Thermal IQ™ Operate is designed to monitor the plant in real time and offers the following benefits:

  • Monitor: With Thermal IQ™, real-time and trend data can be accessed at any time. Alerts also indicate when important limits are exceeded.
  • Manage: All employees - from management to the maintenance team - gain access to insights that enable them to make the best decisions.
  • Optimize: With cloud-based remote maintenance, plant operators no longer need to wait for faults or failures to cause downtime. With Thermal IQ™, they prevent problems and maximize uptime.

Thermal IQ™ Optimize enables enterprise-wide performance monitoring for plants and processes. The cloud solution also includes the following features:

  • Hierarchical dashboards: The Optimize version includes dashboards for the enterprise, sites, and assets with filtering capabilities on performance metrics and for each defined role.
  • Customizable architecture: Thermal IQ Optimize can scale across systems and sites to meet the specifics and goals of the business.
  • Interactive Fault Tree Analysis: Prevent problems by predicting potential failures using the built-in Fault Tree Analysis feature and incorporating event-specific troubleshooting recommendations.
  • Preconfigured and customizable analytics: Identifying trends based on historical data is complemented by powerful built-in analytics tools that are customizable. This enables executives and data scientists to identify and proactively solve even complex hidden problems.

Application areas

Honeywell's cloud-based system for remote maintenance and monitoring is integrated primarily in industrial furnace construction, as well as in boilers and exhaust systems:

  • Industrial furnaces (stand-alone or continuous furnaces)
    • Rolling mill furnace
    • Top-hat furnace
    • Tube annealing furnace
    • and many more
  • Boilers
    • Steam boiler
    • Hot water boilers
  • Exhaust systems

Features and advantages

  • Thermal IQ Operate - Monitor, Manage, Optimize
  • Thermal IQ Optimize - Dashboards, Predictive Maintenance, Fault Tree Analysis


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