Starting with the foundation until today a brief overview...

October 1995 - The foundation of A. Hock GmbH

The company A. Hock MSR- und Electronic Service GmbH was founded on 01. October 1995 to carry on the business of the Honeywell-maintenance-center „IAS“ (Industrial Automation Service) in Germany. It was already under the direction of Alwin Hock since 1988.

September 2001 - Official begin of the partnership between Honeywell and A. Hock GmbH

Since September 2001, A. Hock GmbH works as certified distributor for Honeywell Business-Divisions

  • „Sensing“ as well as for
  • „IM&C” (Industrial Measurement & Control).

2003 Honeywell Europe and A. Hock signed a contract which permits our company as „CERTIFIED REPAIR CENTER“ to accomplish in-warranty repairs for IM&C Products in the German-speaking area.

On 1st September of the year 2003 the construction of our own building in Wörth was finished. Our new business division „POWER“ (maintenace of Power-supply´s) started, resulting to an agreement between Euro-Point Communication GmbH and A. Hock GmbH.

Five years later A. Hock GmbH achieved the accreditation through Honeywell Phoenix USA as „maintenace-base“ for „Recycled-Parts-Center“ EMEA.

Juni 2006 - From Honeywell to Flowserve to A. Hock GmbH

In June 2006  Flowserve S.A.S. Thiers/France and A. Hock GmbH signed a contract which establish us as an authorized Distributor for Valve and spares of series 2000 products in german speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and obsolete products (S.9000, S.600 etc.) worldwide.

In addition A. Hock took over the Flowserve office in Maintal.

January 2008 - The production of A.Hock control valves begins

End of January 2008, A. Hock GmbH signs a contract with Flowserve S.A.S Thiers/France to acquire the production and rights of former Honeywell Industrial valve series and its accessories. The begin of A. Hock control valves!

2009 until today - Growth and expansion of A. Hock GmbH

The A. Hock buidling in Wörth will be extended from 800 sqm. with further 675 sqm. to enable integration of Valve Division scheduled removal 12/09.

The A. Hock "Valve Division" moves from Maintal into the new plant in Wörth and starts the production of former Honeywell valves & actuators now A.Hock control valves and actuators.