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Honeywell Valves – An overview

Honeywell has a wide range of valves for different applications. Here are some examples of valves that have been and are still being produced by Honeywell:

  • HVAC- Control Valves: Honeywell manufactures control valves for controlling pressure, flow, temperature and other process variables. These valves are used, for example, in building services for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.
  • Safety Valves: Honeywell has historically produced safety valves for use in critical applications where overpressure relief is required. These valves have been used in process plants, oil and gas plants, and other industrial applications. (Read more about discontinued S245B series safety relief valves)
  • Ball Valves: Honeywell also manufactures ball valves for flow and pressure control. These valves are used in the chemical, water and wastewater treatment, and food and beverage industries.
  • Solenoid valves: Honeywell also produces solenoid valves for controlling gases. These valves are used in the ceramic, metal and aluminum industries.

The early years of Honeywell industrial valves

In order to meet the great demand created in Germany by the development of refineries and chemical plants after the Second World War, Honeywell started to produce industrial control valves in Germany as early as 1956 in Dörnigheim. The first products were series 800 valves, which were only assembled in Germany. The parts came from the Honeywell factory in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania/USA. But soon the 600 series was developed and produced in Dörnigheim/Germany.

The origin of the Honeywell Valve Series 2000

In 1976, the most successful series ever developed by Honeywell in the field of industrial control valves in Europe was born, the Series 2000. More than five million variants can be assembled from the modular system. Drawings exist for nearly 50,000 individual parts.

Until 1999, most of the production was exported. Valves from Maintal can be found in China, Japan, Korea, the USA, the Middle East, Russia and, of course, mainly in European countries. The products are used in the chemical industry, in refineries, paper mills and even in coffee roasting plants.

The design and manufacture of industrial valves has always been focused on meeting the world's most stringent environmental regulations. The 2000 series was the first asbestos-free series on the market.

Honeywell industrial valves are now A. Hock control valves

Since 2008 the rights of these Honeywell series are owned by A. Hock GmbH. For all series we can supply the suitable spare parts.

Valves of the series 2000, 9000, 2060, 2003/13, V5066 are still manufactured, distributed and further developed by us. These valves comply with all current standards and are highly valued in refineries, the chemical industry and other process plants.

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Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

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