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New Successors for X-Serie

Honeywell Digital Video Recorder Minitrend QX

New Successors for X-Serie

Regular manufacturing of eZtrend QXe, Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX expires on 3rd of December 2014.

Technological progress and continuous product development allow us to release these units of our production line in advanced version – identified by "GR" (Minitrend GR, Multitrend GR, eZtrend GR).

Lots of proposals and user´s demands have been integrated in this new development. Proven menue guidance and high capacity personal computer software have been retained. Users now can benefit from the uniform appearance of the operating interfaces of Minitrend QX, eZtrend QXe and Minitrend GR, eZtrend GR esp. Multitrend SX and Multitrend GR.

In order to configurate devices and evaluate measurement data the updated version of Trendmanager Software Suite will be needed. Should you be in possession of a software licence you can currently download from our website, free of charge, the new version of "Trend-Manager-Suite" Release 03". Please note that this software supports exclusively the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server. This new type of Trendmanager Software is not compatible with Windows XP.

Existing previous Minitrends QX and Multitrends SX can be upgraded for the new device model by exchanging the processor printed circuit board as well as the display module. The new equipment is compatible with the input and output boards, used with the X-serie. So available modules can be utilized furtheron. There is no change in dimensions and electrical ports. The standard front colour design of the unit is a light grey. It is optionally available with a black front.

Order Number         Description

50090873-501         Minitrend X-Series for GR processor/display upgrade kit (256 MB memory hard disk)

50090873-502         Minitrend X-Series for GR processor/display upgrade kit (3,7 GB memory hard disk)

50090874-501         Multitrend X-Series for GR processor/Display Upgrade kit (256 MG memory hard disk)

50090874-502         Multitrend X-Series for GR processor/Display Upgrade kit (3,7 GB memory hard disk)