VCM series

Honeywell by FEMA

VCM series

Vacuum Switch

The Honeywell vacuum switches of the VCM series are suitable for the safe operation of a vacuum system. These switches detect the pressure difference relative to atmospheric pressure.

Technical data of the vacuum switches VCM series

Technical DataDescription
Pressure Connection             External thread G 1/2 (pressure gauge
connection) according to DIN 16 288 and
internal thread G 1/4 according to
ISO 228 Part 1.
Switching DeviceRobust housing (200) made of seawater
resistant die cast aluminium GD Al Si 12.
Protection classIP 54, in vertical position.
Pressure sensor materials

VNM111, VNM301: Metal bellows: 1.4571, 
Sensor housing: 1.4104
VCM095, 101 and 301: Metal bellows of CuZn, 
Sensor housing of CuZn
VCM4156: Perbunan diaphragm sensor housing: 1.4301

Mounting positionVertically upright and horizontal.
VCM4156 vertically upright.

You can find further technical data of the VCM vacuum switches in the documentation .

Article number:

e.g. VCM301, VCM4156