ControlEdge PLC


ControlEdge PLC

A new generation of controllers

The Honeywell ControlEdge controller offers unprecedented connectivity at all process levels.
The use of OPC UA enables secure, cross-platform and open communication. A protocol that makes gateways obsolete and reduces both costs and risks.
OPC UA is the enabler for:

  • Open communication
  • Smooth device integration
  • Simple configuration

Universal I/O becomes the standard IO with ControlEdge PLC. Universal I/O is the Swiss knife of control. It offers flexibility that shortens project planning and execution times.  
  • Late configuration changes can be implemented easily
  • Reduction of the I/O module variants leads to lower storage costs

Fully integrated cyber security increases availability and integrity in your process.
Increase your cyber security with:
  • Redundant controllers and network structure
  • Integrated level 4 firewall
  • Protection against DOS attacks
  • Encrypted communication with certificate-based authentication

Applications for ControlEdge PLC:

The ControlEdge PLC is already being used today for the refueling of cars in natural gas filling stations.
It controls flow and pressure in gas pressure control lines and visualizes the information via the Experion PanelPC.
The control unit is also currently used for gas pressure regulators RMG 512 and RMG 658 to control pressure and flow rates.

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