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A. Hock GmbH the Honeywell Distributor in Germany on the Channel Partner Conference in Madrid

For distributors and system integrators the Channel Partner Conference is regarded as an annually required course.

Since already 20 years, A. Hock GmbH sells Honeywell measurement and control equipment as an authorized distributor worldwide. With its workshops and presentations the conference helps A. Hock GmbH for advanced training of our Honeywell specialists. Honeywell also presents its new products like the Smartline Multivariable Transmitters (SMV 800) in the knowledge center.

The Honeywell Channel Partner Conference in the context of the industrial internet of things (IIoT)

The IIoT concept describes the computerization of production to improve operational effectiveness. Honeywell presented solutions to the corresponding IIoT challenges.

Standardization, IT security, mobility and smart assets are the main components of the IIoT concept.

  • OPC unified architecture (OPC UA) serves as the standard protocol for sharing information in the industrial environment. Therefore Honeywell presented on its OPC conference day its different OPC UA compatible products like the UPC UA suite or the Matrikon industrial UA Modbus Gateway.
  • OPC condition manager is standardized interface for data integration. With the condition manager you can build your KPIs with function blocks. 
  • Honeywell SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters (SMV 800) – The T in IIoT is for the “Things”. Honeywell offers with its newest model of SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters the measurement of three parameters. The differential pressure, static pressure and temperature can be measured. Configuration information can be shared via the open HART (version 7.0) protocol and easily integrated in the latest asset management or DCS systems.

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