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Honeywell Cometa finished their production of safety products

Safety Curtains FF SYB Series (Honeywell Cometa)

Honeywell in Grenoble closed their factory and repair center in January 2013!

What can you do with your damaged Honeywell - Safety – Products now?

We have the solution for you!

Our company is a Honeywell Service- and Distribution-Partner for more than 15 years, for safety products and for measurement and control products as well. We can repair all the safety products on chip level and have many safety spare parts and complete systems on stock.

Please get in touch with us for repairs or solutions for new machinery. 

We repair the following systems:  

- FF-ST4… (safety light curtain)

- FF-SYA… (safety light curtain)

- FF-SYB…  (safety light curtain)

- FF-SB14… (safety light curtain)

- FF-SC10… (safety amplifier)

- FF-SPS4…

- FF-SEDGE (laser scanner)