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Honeywell Smartline SMV 800

What are transmitters with multivariable measurement?

Multivariable transmitters are used to measure line pressure, differential pressure and process Temperature in a single device. Their purpose is to provide compensated flow measurement in liquid, gas and steam applications. A compensated dynamic flow measurement takes the differential pressure produced by a primary flow element, the absolute pressure and the temperature of the flowing media into account. With the additional parameters like pipe size, bore and type of flow element errors will be compensated while calculating the flow rate.


Which advantages do multivariable transmitters have?

One advantage is the reduction of the devices and process intrusions required for measurement. This will minimize your installation cost and lower the ongoing maintenance and inventory cost.

Here a summary of the advantages:

  • Three measurement in one
  • Minimize process intrusions
  • Lower installation cost
  • Reduce weight
  • Reduced maintenance

Why should you get Honeywell SmartLine multivariable transmitter SMV 800?

In comparison to the competitors the Honeywell SmartLine Transmitter has a higher accuracy for all important parameters:

  • Temperature (TC-K/RTD): 0.25/0.1 Deg C
  • Differential pressure (% of Span): 0.04%
  • Static pressure (% of Span): 0.0375%
  • Mass flow (% of Span): +- 0.6%

Better flow measurement accuracy means better control and savings in energy consumption and lower cost of end product.

Honeywell SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter Modularity

SmartLine modules can be easily replaced in the field, without the need of recalibration. The modularity limits the amount of maintenance and overall operating costs to a minimum.

What are the prices for Honeywell SmartLine multivariable transmitters?

The A. Hock GmbH as the authorized Honeywell distributer in Germany will support you in all technique and commercial questions you have for the SmartLine transmitter series 800 (SMV 800). Feel free to ask for prices and get a free inquiry!