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„Preferential Goods, Valves Made in Germany“ – This combination is right!

A. Hock Control Valve Series 2000

To ensure the high quality and reliability of our valves and actuators, A.Hock source all parts and components for our products from partners in Germany or in the neighboring countries of the European Union (EU). Final assembly takes place exclusively at our plant in Wörth. Thus we meet the requirements of the EU we are allowed to provide our products with the addition of "Preferential Goods".

The EU signed a preferential agreement with some countries and groups, - the so-called preferential countries (eg. Egypt, Algeria, Chile, Mexico). Here, the parties grant each other perks. This brings the following benefits to our customers:

  • lower customs duties when imported into a partner country (up to zero duty)

  • preference for our products against suppliers outside Europe

  • access to public procurement

For us and for our partners results a clear competitive advantage when exporting to a country with preferential agreement.

A. Hock will therefore continue to go on this path so that our customers can rely on:

"Preferential Goods, Valves Made in Germany" - this combination is right!