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UMTS-Access to your Data Logger

UMTS Connection To Honeywell Digital Video Recorder

Using this solution you have, depending on the configuration, access to your data of your recorder from almost everywhere. Via safe VPN connection a server - client - server - connection is established, which can additionally be protected by means of certificates.

Several approaches to get access:

-Install the server software on a personal computer within your company network and configure a client to the HSPA (High Speed Packet Access)- Box, connected to your recorder. If this box is powered on, you will be permanently online via the installed SIM and the search for the server goes on to create the connection. If you now run the server - software on your personal computer it will meet the box and the VPN - connection will be available. The indication is given by the green LED on the back of the box. Now you have access, e.g. to your eZtrend, Minitrend or Multitrend and you are able to download the data onto your computer by means of the TrendServer Software. This works from everywhere where you can access the internet via a public IP and where the needed ports for the VPN - connection are activated. As such connections are very popular, you should find such opened ports normally.


- Install the server - software on a personal computer within a network provided with public IP. Then join to this server by means of the client - software being on your notebook. The server again builds up the connection to your recorder. So you get the possibility to access your data on the basis of a network (WLAN or LAN) or via UMTS.

In case of any questions please contact us. We would be pleased to grant you support with this application!