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Electo Pneumatic Transducer PT700

Electo Pneumatic Transducer for pneumatic positioners

The electro-pneumatic transducer PT700 series provides the proportional conversion from a 4...20 mA input signal to a 0...100% supply pressure output signal.

Article number: PT700-W2S-0

Features and advantages

  • Accurate conversion of the electrical input signal by using a silicium pressure sensor for feedback
  • Robust modular design
  • Pressure regulator eliminates variations in supply air pressure
  • Innovative, reliable transducer technology (piezo electric microvalve)
  • Input signal: 4...20mA Split range start: 4 mA or 12 mA
  • High resistance against shock and vibration
  • Two wire system for signal and power supply line
  • Easy maintenance due to modular design
  • Universal mounting kit according to NAMUR specifications in stainless steel
  • Precise control performance and high dynamic behaviour with PI control characteristics in the internal control loop


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PT700 Specification german pdf Download
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