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Discontinued 01/01/1990


Control Valve Series 800 Type24

Two way High-Pressure valve

The former Honeywell two way control globe valve of Type 24. The single seated Control Valve is used in High Operating pressure and/or High Pressure Drop Service and provides excellent throttling control action and tight shutoff.

Features and advantages

  • Angle Type or straight through Type
  • Valve Size: DN15-50
  • Body Material: carbon steel; stainless steel
  • Pressure Rating: PN16 - 160, ANSI125-900
  • End Connections: flanges, welded
  • Bonnet: Standard, extension or bellows seal bonnet
  • Packing: PTFE, Graphite
  • Plug Type: lin, equal perc.
  • Cv - Value: Cv 1,0 - 0,01; equal perc. Cv 36 - 1,7
  • Leakage rate: max. 0,01%