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ControlEdge PLC

Modular PLC with highest cyber security

Honeywell‘s ControlEdge™ programmable logic controller is the perfect choice for controlling industrial plants and processes. It provides one-of-a-kind connectivity for all kinds of process and business functions. By supporting process automation, the controller reduces staff workload and improves operating and maintenance efficiency.

In addition, the ControlEdge PLC significantly reduces configuration, integration and support costs. What’s more, it minimises total cost of ownership thanks to extended system life cycles. Embedded cyber security improves compliance and availability and prevents cyberattacks.

Application areas

Honeywell’s programmable logic controller is widely used across different industries. The ControlEdge PLC by Honeywell is used in industrial plants to control flow rates and pressure in gas pressure control lines and to visualise the information via Experion PanelPC.


It is also used to control the pressure and flow rates in gas pressure regulators RMG 512 and RMG 658. What’s more, programmable logic controllers are used by the automotive industry for the refuelling of cars at natural gas filling stations.

Features and advantages

  • OPC UA protocol: OPC UA standardises connectivity in the field of industrial automation and ensures a secure, platform-independent, open communication. The protocol makes gateways obsolete and at the same time reduces costs and risks.
  • Universal I/O: The Universal I/O module is something like the “Swiss army knife” of the controller, providing a multitude of different inlets and outlets. The simplified design means less hardware and also less spare parts, resulting in more flexible project planning and implementation.
  • Cyber security: Integrated firewall, ISA Secure EDSA level, secure boot feature, encrypted communication with certificate-based authentication, protection against DOS attacks: ControlEdge PLC includes a high level of industrial cyber security.


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