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FEMA by Honeywell

Pressure Transmitter Smart SN

Relative pressure transmitter

The compact Honeywell Smart SN pressure transmitter provides an economic solution for a wide range of applications. The Smart SN series is suitable for measuring the relative pressure of fluids and gases. Recorded pressure values between –1 and +1 bar and between 0 and 40 bar are converted to a 4–20-mA or 0–10-V signal.

Optionally, the transmitter is available with a dual backlit LCD display which can be swiveled and rotated in 90-degree steps by software.

Article number: PTHRB0041A2

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Technical specification

Analog (4-20mA, 0-10V)
±0,5% FS (typ.)
Gauge Pressure
-1 - 1bar or 0-40 bar
G1/2" external thread

Application areas

In gas purification, gas drying and gas treatment, permissible operating pressures range between –1 und +1 bar. The Honeywell Smart SN pressure transmitter is particularly suitable for the measurement of gauge pressure in biogas power plants and cogeneration units.

Thanks to its SIL 2 certification, the Honeywell Smart SN pressure transmitter is also used in a variety of safety applications.

Features and advantages

  • adjustable attenuation
  • LCD display
  • SIL 2 certification


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