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Pressure Transmitter STD800

Differential pressure transmitters of the Honeywell SmartLine series

Precise and continuous measurement of fluids and gases for a variety of different applications – with Honeywell’s powerful differential pressure transmitter STD800.

The pressure transmitters of the SmartLine family are based on high-precision, piezoresistive sensor technology. The multiple integrated sensors link process pressure measurement with static pressure (DP models) and temperature compensation measurement.

With its modular, robust pressure transmitters, Honeywell’s SmartLine pressure measurement system is particularly suitable for use in complex process environments.

Article number: STD810-A1AC1AS-...

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Technical specification

HART, DE, FF, 4-20mA
0.0375% of calibrated span
0,01% / per year for 10 years
Differential Pressure
-0,025 - 210bar
1/2" NPT internal thread / Flange or in-line

Application areas

Level measurement: The STD800 is used for hydrostatic level measurement in closed, non-ventilated tanks and vessels. The fill level is determined via the differential pressure between the bottom (higher pressure) and the top side (lower pressure).

Filter monitoring: When a filter gets clogged or dirty, the pressure difference increases. The Honeywell transmitter monitors the state of the filter with the help of differential pressures and provides an immediate warning.

Flow measurement: The STD800 is also used for flow measurement. Using the differential pressure method, the mass flow rate of a substance within in a certain orifice measuring section can be determined. The correct dimensioning of the orifice plate is just as important as the precise adjustment of the transducer to the process.

Features and advantages

  • response times as fast as 90 ms
  • automatic static pressure and temperature compensation
  • world-class overpressure protection


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