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FEMA by Honeywell

Pressure limiter switch DWR series

Mechanical pressure switch for steam boiler systems

The DWR series are mechanical pressure switches or pressure limiters (with external interlock) with maximum operating pressure up to 63 bar.

The pressure limiter can be used both for maximum and minimum pressure monitoring.

Article number: DWR6, DWR625, DWR16

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Application areas

For use in industrial or commercial steam and hot water boilers.

The switches of the PWR series are used here as pressure limiters and give the signal to switch off the heating.

Features and advantages

  • Sturdy housing (200) made of seawater-resistant die-cast aluminium
  • The PWR series meets SIL 2 according to IEC 61508-2
  • Mounting position vertical upwards and horizontal possible


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